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Hong Kong: Thousands protest against China extradition law

Protesters carried yellow umbrellas, reviving the symbol of the 2014 pro-democracy demonstrations Thousands of people protested in Hong Kong on Sunday over a proposed law change that would allow suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial. Officials say they need to amend the law before July so that they can extradite a murder suspect to Taiwan. Demonstrators – some marching with umbrellas – fear Beijing is trying to exert more power over the territory. Police estimate that about […]

Welcome to join: Self-censorship and Abetting Evil

“Self-censorship and Abetting Evil: Western corporations and the suppression of freedom and human rights in China,” authored by exiled Chinese rights lawyer, Dr. Teng Biao. Dr. Teng will discuss his findings and conclusions, and offer recommendations for steps that can be taken by the private sector, governments, civil society, and the public to protect and respect human rights in China. A light lunch will be served. Moderator: Wang Dan is a democracy advocate and the Founder of Dialogue China. He […]

Leica China video sparks backlash over Tiananmen Square image

19 April 2019   This year marks the 30th anniversary of the pro-democracy protests   A promotional video for camera company Leica has sparked backlash in China for featuring a famous Tiananmen Square image. The video depicts photographers working in conflicts around the world, including a photographer covering the 1989 protests. People on Chinese social media site Weibo have called for a boycott of the camera brand. Leica has distanced itself from the video. “Tank Man” was a lone protester […]

How a Chinese firm fell victim to intellectual property theft

By Robin BrantBBC News, Shanghai 25 March 2019   Frank Liu says his company Intco was the victim of intellectual property theft There was no break in, no hold up. No glass was smashed. But the factory on the outskirts of Shanghai was the scene of a very modern crime. Someone stole a hoard of intellectual property. “A couple of years ago one of my IT managers copied ten thousand pages of my entire company’s profile,” Frank Liu told me. […]

A global anti-Chinese-communism alliance will resist misleading and distorted “Copinism”

By Pingdong Ark,Taiwan News, Contributing Writer 2019/03/19 18:14 The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on March 13 organized a hearing under the title “A New Approach for an Era of U.S.-China Competition” to review and discuss new policies to meet the rising challenge from China. Conflicts between the United States and China are impossible to avoid, and the experts at the meeting also advocated the U.S. should establish a global alliance to resist China’s “illegal” actions. Because China is good […]

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