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A Human Rights Approach to US-China Policy

A Human Rights Approach to US-China Policy A Joint NGO letter to the Biden Administration March 22, 2021 Dear President Biden, On behalf of 24 organizations and individuals devoted to improving respect for human rights in China, we write to urge your administration to make human rights a priority in US-China policy. We understand that the new administration is in the process of reviewing its approach to China, and we note and appreciate remarks from you and other senior officials, […]

Current Situation and Development of Chinese Youth Activists

The development of civil society in China is important for Chinese democratization, and the Chinese youth activists play a crucial role. However, since the Chinese government began to progressively suppress political dissents and reinforce ideological control, these Chinese youth activists have faced increasing difficulties and challenges. How should we understand their difficulties? What are their next steps? What can be done? Please join Dialogue China on June 20 for our monthly event to discuss the topic “Current Situation and development […]

1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre Rally of Remembrance

This June 4th will mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, in which the Chinese Communist Party massacred thousands of innocent student protestors. The People’s Republic of China to this day, censors any mention of the Massacre and refuses to acknowledge it even happened. The regime that ordered those murders is still the same one currently reigning in Beijing, and its human rights abuses continue to this day. Please join us at the US Capitol for a rally […]

Welcome to join: Self-censorship and Abetting Evil

“Self-censorship and Abetting Evil: Western corporations and the suppression of freedom and human rights in China,” authored by exiled Chinese rights lawyer, Dr. Teng Biao. Dr. Teng will discuss his findings and conclusions, and offer recommendations for steps that can be taken by the private sector, governments, civil society, and the public to protect and respect human rights in China. A light lunch will be served. Moderator: Wang Dan is a democracy advocate and the Founder of Dialogue China. He […]

Forty Years of US-China Relations, Reevaluating the Engagement Policy

“What if, twenty-five or thirty years from now, a wealthier, more powerful China continues to be run by a one-party regime that still represses organized political dissent much as it does today? … What if, in other words, China becomes fully integrated into the world’s economy, yet it remains also entirely undemocratic?” James Mann, the author of the book “China Fantasy”, asked the above question to his readers, contemplating about a rising China without democratic institutions and political modernization. Today, […]