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For 70th anniversary, Chinese regime masquerades as champion of human rights

Beijing claims to be champion of human rights despite massive and systematic rights violations By Reporters Without Borders, Agencies 2019/09/29 11:56 In a white paper published for its 70th anniversary, the Beijing regime did not hesitate to disguise itself as a champion of human rights despite massive and systematic violations of the freedom of the press. On September 22nd, a week before the 70th anniversary celebrations of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the State Council Information Office released a white […]

‘This is a plea for democracy’: HK protest leaders urge US lawmakers to take action

Joshua Wong, Denise Ho testify before US congressmen, call for passage of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019/09/18 16:53 Joshua Wong testifies in Washington D.C. Sept. 17 (Taken from Congressional-Executive Commission on China livestream) Denise Ho (From Congressional-Executive Commission on China livestream)   TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Pro-democracy Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong and Denise Ho testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday (Sept. 17), pleading with lawmakers to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which would […]

Facebook and Twitter ban advertising from China’s state-run media about Hong Kong protests

If you’ve noticed any of these ads cropping up on your social media feeds lately, you’re being targeted by a foreign government. The Chinese Government’s propaganda machine has been buying advertisements on Facebook and Twitter to share its version of the Hong Kong protests. Promoted tweets and sponsored Facebook ads have been run by a number of English-language Chinese state media outlets including China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Plus News and China Radio International. RELATED: How China spreads fake […]

China’s latest weapon in the trade war: Karaoke

By Kerry Allen BBC Monitoring China’s new propaganda anthem features a fist with rings of fire exploding from it A Chinese propaganda song about the ongoing Sino-US trade war is getting a lot of interest – and raising a few eyebrows – on Chinese social media. Trade War, written by a former Chinese official, appeared on popular mobile messenger WeChat on Friday and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. It has also inspired an accompanying music video. The […]

Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages

  All language editions of Wikipedia have been blocked in mainland China since April, the Wikimedia foundation has confirmed.   Internet censorship researchers found that Wikipedia had joined thousands of other websites which cannot be accessed in China. The country had previously banned the Chinese language version of the site, but the block has now been expanded. Wikimedia said it had received “no notice” of the move. In a statement, the foundation said: “In late April, the Wikimedia Foundation determined […]