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Tiananmen 30 years on – China’s great act of ‘forgettance’

By John SudworthBBC News, Beijing 1 June 2019   There are no official acts of remembrance for the events of 1989 in Beijing. But that statement, although factually correct, is far too neutral. In truth, what happened in Tiananmen Square is marked faithfully each year by a massive, national act of what might more properly be called “forgettance”. In the weeks leading up to 4 June, the world’s biggest censorship machine goes into overdrive as a huge dragnet of automated […]

A global anti-Chinese-communism alliance will resist misleading and distorted “Copinism”

By Pingdong Ark,Taiwan News, Contributing Writer 2019/03/19 18:14 The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on March 13 organized a hearing under the title “A New Approach for an Era of U.S.-China Competition” to review and discuss new policies to meet the rising challenge from China. Conflicts between the United States and China are impossible to avoid, and the experts at the meeting also advocated the U.S. should establish a global alliance to resist China’s “illegal” actions. Because China is good […]

Report Cites Concerns About Chinese Influence On American Institutions

Thursday, November 29, 2018 Hoover Institution, Stanford University Scholars from the Hoover Institution and other organizations today issued a report that examines China’s efforts to influence US institutions and calls for protecting American values, norms, and laws from such interference, while also warning against “demonizing” any group of people. According to the 192-page document, which was unveiled today (Nov. 29) at a Hoover DC press event, China is attempting on a wide scale to manipulate state and local governments, universities, […]

Looking for China’s spies

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