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Press Release

For Immediate Release                                                                                                       Contact: Mr. Wang Dan

June 21, 2018                                                                                                                   email:[email protected]


Dialogue China Founder Wang Dan and Other Leaders of the 1989 Pro-Democracy Movement Seek to Speak at Confucius Institutes During the 2018-19 Academic Year


(Washington DC, June 21, 2018) It has become increasingly clear that the Chinese government-affiliated Confucius Institutes, of which there are more than 100 at American colleges and universities, do more than simply provide instruction in Chinese language and culture and facilitate exchange programs. Rather, they serve as a vehicle for Chinese government influence and messaging and avoid any discussion of topics deemed “sensitive” by the Chinese government.


With the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen student movement approaching in 2019, the Dialogue China team, led by the former Tiananmen student leader Wang Dan, and joined by other key leaders and participants in that historic event, including Wang Juntao and Su Xiaokang, are launching a new initiative to commemorate 1989, titled “Understanding China: A Journey of Uncovering Buried History and Memory,” which will include a national speaking tour, discussion forums, and exhibits,  and will focus on the significance of the events of 1989 in China’s recent history, what it means for China today, and its relevance for China’s future.


As part of this initiative, Dialogue China will reach out to Confucius Institutes across the U.S. to request a forum for discussion about the 1989 pro-democracy movement and its suppression.  In the upcoming weeks, Dialogue China will send letters making this request to Confucius Institutes, beginning with those in the Washington D.C. area (George Washington University, University of Maryland, and George Mason University). We sincerely hope that the Confucius Institutes will accept our request for dialogue and discussion about these pivotal events, and show that they are not adverse to engaging in topics the Chinese government deems “sensitive,” but instead, respecting the fundamental values of freedom of speech and academic freedom, welcome Dialogue China to present information and engage in discussion with students enrolled in their programs.


For timely updates, please see our websitewww.dialoguechina.comand follow us on Twitter @dialogue_china.


Dialogue China

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Director: Mr. Wang Dan

Chair of the Board: Mr. Wang Juntao

Chair of the Academic Committee:  Mr. Hu Ping

Chair of the Advisory Committee: Mr. Su Xiaokang



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