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Since the founding of the think tank “Dialogue China” on June 4th, we have been planning to maintain the think tank’s operation by crowdfunding. Crowdfunding not only could reach to more people, but also could find potential candidates who are interested in working with us. Therefore, we have designed a member system for the thinktank. The member system would be our first crowdfunding effort.

The “Dialogue China” aims to establish a platform for dialogue and research, to gather different political forces, and to provide advice for China’s policy and institution. If you agree with what we do and are willing to support our efforts, please sign up to become a member of the “Dialogue China”. We hope more and more people could stand with us on the journey of changing China.
I represent the “Dialogue China”‘s team members to ask you about joining us.
Wang Dan

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Dialogue China

Dialogue China