China Newsletter (Issue 84 – April 15, 2021)

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Issue 84 – April 15, 2021

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In This Issue

The articles shared here do not necessarily reflect the views of China Newsletter or Dialogue China. All articles sourced from WeChat public accounts unless otherwise noted.I. Editorial

1. A Boycott of the Olympics is a Boycott of Xi Jinping

II. Policy

2. Unusual Hebei Province Epidemic Outbreak Reveals Weakest Link in China’s Prevention and Control

3. Why did the Xinhua News Agency Hasten to Denounce the “State of War”? Tsinghua Professor: The Problem Is Never Just “Abuse”

4. Behind the Death of “Powdered Green Tea”: “Poverty Research” and Invisible Harm to the Bottom Rung

III. Politics

5. A New “World War” Threatens, But China is Constrained by a Major 

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