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Chinese student Wu Huayan dies after living on pennies a day

Wu Huayan ate only rice and chillies in order to save money to help her sick brother   A severely malnourished student who survived on just 2 yuan ($0.30, £0.20) per day for years to support her brother has died, Chinese media say. Wu Huayan’s plight shocked China when pictures of the young woman, who weighed just over 20kg (43lb), emerged last year. She was admitted to hospital with breathing problems in October 2019. Donations flooded in to help her […]

China bans foreign teaching materials in public schools

By Eric Cheung, CNN   Hong Kong (CNN)China has announced a ban on foreign teaching materials like textbooks and classic novels in all public primary and secondary schools — a move experts say is an attempt to tighten ideological control of students across the country. The guideline, published by the Ministry of Education on Tuesday, stated classrooms must feature teaching materials that “insist on the guiding principles of Marxism and reflect the Chinese style.” . “All primary and secondary school […]

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