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Forty Years of US-China Relations, Reevaluating the Engagement Policy

“What if, twenty-five or thirty years from now, a wealthier, more powerful China continues to be run by a one-party regime that still represses organized political dissent much as it does today? … What if, in other words, China becomes fully integrated into the world’s economy, yet it remains also entirely undemocratic?” James Mann, the author of the book “China Fantasy”, asked the above question to his readers, contemplating about a rising China without democratic institutions and political modernization. Today, […]

Report Cites Concerns About Chinese Influence On American Institutions

Thursday, November 29, 2018 Hoover Institution, Stanford University Scholars from the Hoover Institution and other organizations today issued a report that examines China’s efforts to influence US institutions and calls for protecting American values, norms, and laws from such interference, while also warning against “demonizing” any group of people. According to the 192-page document, which was unveiled today (Nov. 29) at a Hoover DC press event, China is attempting on a wide scale to manipulate state and local governments, universities, […]

Dialogue China

Dialogue China