I.Ongoing project


1)China Salon

To have regular salon discussions and small scale conferences, making greater impact on the Chinese communities and the Chinese students in the United States. By participating the salons and conferences, they would get to know the facts of the Chinese contemporary history, and the experiences from other counties on democratisation.

2)China Newsletter

Going forward, we will publish two issues every month, and will do our best to get those to you at the beginning and the middle of the month.

The voices of these members of the overseas democracy movement are still worth our attention. The China Newsletter will continue to offer the observations and analysis of these outstanding members of the exile community. Our editorial team will dive into China’s social media–Weibo, WeChat, Renren, QQ groups and more–to select content that we believe reflects the condition of the Chinese people. I hope that these two foci will guide us along our own path among the China observers and help you to understand China from new perspectives. Our editorial team is made up of young Chinese born after 1990. Some have studied in Western countries, others in China. They choose stories that reflect their “post-90s” vision of China. I believe our team’s youthful perspective is also an important contribution.

II. Upcoming Projects: