Free Event:The Struggling Middle Class and Kidnapped Upper Class in China

Since the beginning of the US-China trade war, China has had multiple issues internationally and domestically. On the one hand, the US is pressuring China on the trade, and it tries to ally Japan and the European Union in joining the effort. The Belt and Road Initiative faced setbacks on multiple fronts in Malaysia, Maldives and Pakistan. Domestically, President Xi Jinping has tightened its grip on ideological and economic control. More recently, some notable business people were either killed or lost liberty. Last week, Xi Jinping’s trip to Northeast China also signalled a shift from private business to state own enterprise.

The Dialogue China, a newly established thinktank focusing on China, joins Dr. Xia “David” Yeliang, former Economics Professor at Peking University for a discussion of China’s future on private business and business environment. The event’s moderator will be Anne Thurston of Johns Hopkins’ SAIS campus.


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Dialogue China

Dialogue China